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Gulf Coast Boat Shows

We have something for everyone, and our exhibitors are the stars of the show!

We believe that Gulf Coast Shows are the most cost-effective way to reach your target audience and establishing personal, one-on-one contact with potential boat-buying clients! As an exhibitor, you will have an opportunity to make sales and take orders, showcase new models and product lines and promote your company. Additionally, you will have a platform to conduct low-cost market research.

We aren’t just any boat show, and we give you the most value for your dollar! Sign up today, and you’ll receive:

  • High income audience
  • A full-scale promotional plan to attract customers with buying plans in the door to see you
  • Spacious, attractive exhibit areas
  • Secure facilities that are well-equipped to handle high-volume crowds
  • Easy move-in and move-out
  • On-site support

Contact Melissa Miller at 251-478-7469 / Melissa@gulfcoastshows.com  or Mary Blan at maryblan@gulfcoastshows.com to discuss opportunities.

Our goal is to attract an exceptional audience and to provide a strong return on investment to you!

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